Friday, July 4, 2014

He Leadeth Me

One thing that has been particularly impressed upon me in my last two years in Guinea Bissau is the depth and the richness of hymns.  The confessions of a 23-year-old.  I love hymns.

I did not grow up in a hymn-singing church, but have always enjoyed music deeply.  I remember very early in my childhood, my parents created a rule "no singing at the supper table" because I would sing instead of eat.  There is almost constantly a song on my lips (whether published or one I created myself). Long story short - my long history with music has helped me to learn and appreciate hymns later in life.

Since moving back to Guinea Bissau in April, I have been living with my teammates Dave and Delores (who DID grow up singing hymns!).  Our spontaneous hymn sings have especially ministered to me over the last month. "He Leadeth Me" has been on my lips these days.  Below is an excerpt.

"Lord I would clasp Thy hand in mine,
Nor ever murmur nor repine;
Content whatever lot I see
Since 'tis my God that leadeth me."

As you will read in the letter from my MST (Missionary Support Team) below, there have been some recent changes in my assignment here in Guinea Bissau.  Feel free to email me for more details or with questions, comments, or concerns.        -A-

Letter from Adrianne's MST        
June 15, 2014

Dear Weaverland/Supporters,

As the Missionary Support Team (MST) for Adrianne Huber, we want to update you on recent developments for Adrianne. Because of the current circumstances and ongoing changes within the Guinea-Bissau environment, Eastern Mennonite Missions, in mutual discernment with Adrianne, has discerned that Adrianne return to the United States in early July. She will continue to receive support for two months of transition. Below is a letter from representatives from EMM, the Guinea-Bissau EMM team, and Adrianne [please email me if you want a copy of this letter...I didn't copy it below -A-]. This letter explains the reason for the changes in her assignment. Throughout this process, EMM had considerable dialogue with Adrianne’s parents, Floyd and Elaine Huber, Nick Martin; MST Communications Coordinator, and Pastor Brian Martin.

We wanted to let everyone know that whether you have supported Adrianne financially – or through prayer – that we greatly appreciate your continued support through this discernment process. All finances will be held by EMM until proper discernment can take place about a possible future assignment for Adrianne in another location. Also, everyone who has remaining pledges for Adrianne is released of this pledge. However, we also wish for continued support through this discernment process until we see where God leads Adrianne in the future.

The MST would like to again thank everyone for any support that is given during this time. We appreciate your willingness to walk with Adrianne through prayer.

Adrianne’s MST

Holly Saylor - Chairman                      Ron and Karen Horning                 Tracy Musser
Greg and Juanita Huber                       Sijia Qiu                                         Nick Martin

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