Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Zoe!

This post doesn't have anything to do with West Africa really, but I've been thinking about it today and decided to tell you the story of a little girl who still has my heart.

(yes, that is a tiny human all snuggled next to the doll - isn't she precious?)

In 2008, I spent a summer in Uganda.  I certainly had no idea what surprises awaited me. Four years ago to the day, a miracle baby was born.  Every baby is a miracle of course, but this one is particularly special to me.

This little treasure was unwanted and abandoned by her birth mother.  She had a rough beginning (which began in a pit latrine), but she was rescued by neighbors and taken to the hospital.  A week later, she was brought to the organization I was working for.  I was immediately drawn to her, and took her under my wing.  Zoe went wherever I went, and it was a tough task to leave her when my time in Uganda was up; my heart was bonded.  "Zoe" means life.  What a fitting name for one who fought for her own life in the beginning and then who later gave life to others through her cute little smiles!

Zoe has since gone to live with her grandmother several villages away.  I'm so glad that she has relatives who care for her!  I still pray for this little one often, and hope that one day, she too will know the grace and love of Jesus.

So... to my dear, sweet Zoe - Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Filling in a few of the details

It is high time for a blog update, wouldn't you think?

I have spent these last three weeks at training in Pennsylvania, and have two more weeks before I'm finished.  I am very much looking forward to my August 13th departure for Guinea Bissau, and yet I know that there is lots to do before that day gets here!  As time goes on, it gets to be more real-feeling for me.  Soon, I will actually be meeting the people of Catel, whom my heart has grown to love and for whom I've been praying.

These are some of the beautiful ladies I've been sharing life with during training!