Friday, December 7, 2012

A smattering of all things lively

So, it has come to my attention that I have not posted on this blog for about a month.  What a sad and true story.   Enjoy these photos and captions. :)  Newsletter to come soon!

Some of you may have heard about our monkey.  This was our little child for awhile.  She really did seem like a toddler - she craved attention, liked to play, and liked to eat.  One night, she got sick (we're assuming it was a snake bite or something of the likes), and died.  Poor monkey.

This is my "man" Sumfon.... Well, he's not my man, but he likes to call me his woman.  What a charmer. 

Here is a picture of a bunch of my friends at the Catel soccer championship.  Soccer games and funerals are pretty much the only times the entire village gets together.  I'm not really a fan of either (soccer games or funerals), but it's really nice to see the whole community join together for an event.  One thing is always for sure - you can take out a camera and children will flock!
One day, I went out with my friends Mai and Aminata to help them harvest rice.  Tessa (far right) and Erin (the photographer) came out too.  Erin took video of Aminata, Tessa, and I harvesting.  I wish internet was good enough to post it because it is downright hilarious.  It looks like Aminata is harvesting in fast forward, and Tessa and I are harvesting in slow motion.  I guess you'll just have to imagine it.
P.S.  Isn't Guinea Bissau beautiful?

This is the sunrise from my quiet spot on the back veranda. I wish I had good photo-editing skills, so this picture would actually do justice, but alas... I am not able to edit pictures.  This is all natural beauty as captured by my camera.

We had Thanksgiving while I was on my writing hiatus.  All of the YES boys (ahem... men) came back from Kabio, where they are doing their outreach, to help us celebrate Thanksgiving.  We make a very lovely looking group if you ask me.

  Erin and I made pumpkin pie-ish in our solar oven.  It didn't turn out quite like my mom's, but apparently it was quite the rave with the boys.

This is me washing laundry... nothing too exciting. 

My friend Sansan's baby, Samira.  If you happen to get my newsletters, more news will come about Sansan.

This is how women carry around their babies - working, cooking, dancing - you name it.

This is my friend, Loti.  Her mom was featured a few pictures before in the rice fields (Aminata).  I really enjoy hanging out with her, and she just posed so beautifully in this picture... I had to include it.

And thus ends my picture update.  Stay tuned for more news!
Signing out,