Friday, June 6, 2014

Just another day in Paradise... oh wait! Gambia

Here's a little peak into my life since Monday.  Our entire team is at a missionary guest house in Gambia, where we are holding our annual missionary retreat.  I am definitely not one to be attached to modern conveniences (and actually like the more "difficult/primitive" lifestyle I live), but occasionally, it is nice to get a break.  Here is what our break looked like:

I am enjoying foody things that I don't get to have; apples and peanut butter (we have pb, but no apples), GRAHAM CRACKERS and peanut butter, and granola.  Also featured is a cup of coffee, but I can get coffee in Catel.... I was just saying that I enjoy it :)

Graham crackers and pb is a special snack that my brother and I used to share a lot growing up.

[P.S. If you don't care about what our apartment room looks like, skip the next few pictures, and go to the last one... it's worth your time]

The inside of our guest house apartment.  Check out the sofa.  and the refrigerator. and the coffee maker.  and the microwave.

The beautiful compound with trees and playground stuff and flowers.

There're more flowers.  And there's air conditioning, but you can't see that.... So you can turn the air down really low and cuddle up under covers.  Awesome.

The guest house has running water.  HOT running water (which is only useful anyways if you're pretending that it's winter inside your apartment...'cause outside it's still hot)

 One of my favorite parts here has sincerely been the landscaping.  It's nice to see flowers.

Check out my awesome teammates having fun!

 My very favorite picture from the week. 

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