Friday, April 26, 2013

It's a Beautiful Life

Well, the team here in Catel had another exciting weekend!

I have to say, baptisms are very beautiful things.  This passed Sunday, nine people publicly declared that they belong to Jesus.

Most times, I prefer just to experience life, and not photograph it, but these are the occasions in which I am very thankful for my teammates that are completely on top of the "taking pictures thing". [in other words... I took absolutely none of these pictures]

"We're marching to Zion, beautiful, beautiful Zion!"
just kidding... We're marching to the rice field dike.

Andrew is asking the participants questions as to whether or not each of them was prepared to leave behind their old life and be a light for Jesus.  Each of them responded with a resounding "YES!" (well... "SIN!" is what they actually said, which means "yes" in Kiriol)

The newest members of "Igreja Menonita" here in GB

Meet Neusa - she has been really involved in one of the womens' bible studies we hold here.  She also has a little son and is the wife to Rozalio (see picture 3).

Siaka - he's one of the guys involved in our cashew business here, and has recently been added to the church council.  It is Gibby, by the way, who is helping Andrew baptize new believers (see previous blog posts on the pig project).

Here's Rozalio - husband to Neusa.  He also makes beautiful clothes here in Catel.

Meet Lona!  Lona is a really dynamic personality and has an incredible talent for getting people hyped up.  As well as being involved in the pig project, he is a recent addition to the church council.

Tino - He's been a faithful attender of our church here and happens to be the son of the school director here in Catel.

And....Domingas!  On several occasions, I have been incredibly encouraged by her faith.  She is a light in her house and a leader of the women there.

Braima - The older brother of Augustu, and husband of my best friend Di (see next picture).  He teaches social studies to 4th-6th graders as well. If you look closely, you might notice Braima's younger brother Augustu, also a Christian and avid evangelist to their family, beaming.

Di!  If you every can't find me at the mission house or in my gardens, I'm probably hanging out with Di at her house.  

Here is Salifu, another result of Augustu's evangelism.  I also spend a lot of time with his wife Loti and their eight-month-old daughter Leonara.

So now you are all caught up on what happened recently.  Like I have said before, it's a beautiful and exciting life here in Catel.  God is doing amazing work!  We know for sure, though, that the devil doesn't like it, for he is also at work here in Catel.  Please pray for these new lights in Catel, that they would strengthened and blessed in their walk.

Until next time!


Saturday, April 20, 2013

All things Ag

Hello!  It's been awhile!

I have to say that last weekend here in Catel was an exciting one!  Men from Catel and some surrounding villages came to a 2 day agricultural seminar that I coordinated.  I know for sure that everyone had a lot of fun (including the teacher), and people left the seminar excited to implement principles in their own fields. And it's not over yet!  People who missed out on the seminar are asking me for the materials.  I am also in the process of translating materials for "farming rice fields God's way". As per my norm, I thought a photo gallery was appropriate to demonstrate to you what went on.  Enjoy!

Clearing the area that will become our "well-watered garden".

"Who dug a hole the size of Adrianne?" you ask.  I discovered all I have to do at this mission house is mention that I have work that would be really good exercise, and BAM!  Free labor comes running to help this damsel in distress!

Carrying "God's Blanket" (aka mulch) to cover our garden area.

Our discussion group was wrestling over some tough questions as to the biblical basis of "Farming God's Way" (the curriculum I used to supplement my teaching).

This was one of my favorite parts!  I got to explain about soil horizons (my field of study).

Some of my students, extremely interested in what I have to say about "dirt".

Salifu adding to the mulch - Good work, Salifu!

My students explaining to me how we could make our garden square.

Nemias is making zai holes which will become individual fertilization sites.

Sadja dominating the wheelbarrow.

 I was really excited to hear their responses at the end of the seminar - what they were excited to implement in their fields, what they still wanted to learn and what I could do better next time.  Thank you to each of you who were praying!