Friday, July 4, 2014

The Grand Finale

Honestly, I don't like the title I chose for this post, but my brain refuses to be creative these days... "The Grand Finale" it is.  Really, it's just a blast of recent photos (kind of like the blast of fireworks that comes at the end of the fireworks show. OH!  Happy July 4th!)... Maybe eventually I'll get to writing my feelings and reactions to these most recent events, but for now, enjoy the pictures.

After a series of unanticipated circumstances, I got to see the inauguration of Guinea Bissau's president!

Our friend Adon stands out in the crowd. 
Anxiously awaiting the processional.

 What does church look like for us?  Here are some pictures of my church family.

I hope my kids are this cute!

My dear friend Nyima.

I like matching my friends.

My nephew! ... well almost. His name is Abrão (Abraham in English).

Here I stand with my friend Adramane.  

 Random activities:
I have traveled about an hour away via public transport to come to market.  Here I am with my favorite storekeeper Alfa.

My teammate Dave found me again in a different part of the market.  Here, I am bartering for yarn.

Cooking is something I really enjoy, and cooking with Nyima just makes it even better.

 What does a birthday party look like here?  Pera n mostra bos (wait - I'll show you).  Adramane's 24th.
Birthday cake isn't a "normal" part of a birthday party here, but we had a special treat that day.  This cake survived a 45 minute motor cyle ride, a 20 minute walk (because the motor cycle got a flat tire), extreme temperatures, and children.  I'd say it looks pretty good!

I shine a light for Mai as she cooks spaghetti in the dark.

Cutting the birthday cake!  I think there's some kids excited to eat it!

The dancing!

It got late.  Everybody kind of "zoned" before their "second wind" kicked in.

Nyima and I finish off the evening with another picture.

I am currently sitting in a hotel in southern Senegal awaiting the arrival of my parents.  I'm sure there will be more pictures to follow.  They will spend a few days with me here in Guinea Bissau meeting my friends and learning about what the last two years of my life was like before we head back to the states together on July 9th.  We will arrive in Pennsylvania on July 10th. Prayers for these last few days of touring, tearful goodbyes, and travels, as well as direction for the future would be much appreciated!

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