Saturday, May 10, 2014

Un di Mayo

So, you've heard of "Cinco de Mayo," (a Mexican holiday celebrating the Battle of Puebla) but I'll bet this is the first time that you've heard of "Un di Mayo".  If you ask people on the streets of Guinea Bissau, many will tell you "It's just a holiday."  Very few know the reason behind the holiday, but it has been an excuse for young people to have sex, get drunk, and "live life up."  People flood the beaches and will spend hundreds of dollars on food and drinks for the weekend (huge money here).

Something we've been sorting through as a church here is what cultural things do we keep, what are some things that we need to let go, and what are some things that we can still celebrate in a clean and God-honoring way.

A group of my church friends and I decided that we could still have good, clean fun on "Un di Mayo".  We went down to the "beach" of Catel (the rice dike) and set up a picnic.  We took lots of pictures, blared the radio, had a special meal of spaghetti instead of rice, and drank soda. Later, we sat around and talked and ate a Senegalese rice dish.  We had such a fun night celebrating friendship!  Here's a peek into our evening:

Adramane and his cousin Gibby enjoyed Catel's "beach"

Nyima and I relaxed by the water.

Bintu at our picnic area showing off the yummy food!

Me, Sadja, and Nyima pause for one of many many pictures.

Nyima, me, and Adama pretend to be "ganstas".  I didn't get the "let's be serious" message.

After an evening at the "beach," Nyima and I (and others) hung out and took more pictures.  Look at that joy!

Hoping that you, also, enjoyed your first of May!


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