Sunday, April 13, 2014

Exploded Oatmeal and Other Stuff

It feels good to be home.  I am thankful to report that the trip was relatively un-eventful.  Unfortunately, my bicycle got all the way to the airport, but had to make the return trip to my parents' house because of baggage restrictions.   Ah, dear bicycle, do not fret. We will soon be re-united.

I was seriously wondering how I was going to manage both my bags on my final leg of my journey from northern to southern Senegal (I discovered that I no longer have the muscle that I left Guinea Bissau with), when God surprised me with an awesome solution!  Some of my missionary friends who live in southern Senegal were staying at the very same guesthouse in northern Senegal, and offered to take one of my bags in their truck (free of charge!) if I was willing to wait 2 weeks for it.  No problem!  Who was I kidding?  I wasn't going to start teaching English in these first two weeks anyways.  So...  I unpacked to repack again, putting all my books (which probably comprised 2/3 of the weight I brought) in the tub to come later.

What I found when I opened my suitcase gave me a start!  Do you know what 7 pounds of oatmeal looks like exploded in your suitcase?  Well, I didn't either.  Apparently it didn't matter that I had double bagged it.  

I saw that I had two choices - to cry or to laugh.  Oatmeal is very precious here, but I decided not to think about what my life would be like trying to clean all that out of my suitcase later.  I chose to laugh.  I mean seriously - it was EVERYWHERE!  

Crisis averted, joy overwhelmed me as I made my last and final descent into southern Senegal.  Not only was I still quietly giggling about the oatmeal ALL OVER my suitcase, but I was just downright giddy with excitement.  I was finally home.

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